My Craft Room

Here are a few pictures of where I try to escape the kids and chaos and attempt to "cricut".  Since our guestroom has turned into my craft room, the kids tend to sneak in whenever I am there and keep me company!  It's only been just over a month so the novelty of a craft room still hasn't worn off for them. :) It's the smallest room in the house and works well for this purpose.

This is my corner desk I got from Office Depot.  It's a modular set and there are a couple other components available that I intend on adding in the future (maybe a Christmas present)!  I had the craft cubes from Michael's on the other side of the room, but I realized I needed more desk space within arms reach, so I put them next to the desk. Behind my cricut is quite a lot of space since the desk goes all the way to the wall... so my cricut can sit there and still have plenty of room for the mat to move.
I love this embellishment center! This is the other side of the room.  I put the shelves up high for extas and a  memo board for my finished cards.

I still have a bed in here for the occasional guest :)  My girls refer to it as the couch!


Aprle said...

I just knew your craft room would be beautiful! It looks like such a relaxing place to work. Wish I could "craft" away with you.

Bella Tlrenner said...

I love your craft room. I too took the smallest room we have to make my craft room/office. I found your blog because I'm going to "attempt" the wine card you made for my father-in-laws 100th birthday!
So, now that it appears to be 4 years since you posted your pictures, do your kids still want to hang out with you in the craft room or has the novelty worn off? Thank you for your card idea and picture posts. Teri