Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rolled Roses or flowers, Spiral SVG

It's a rainy morning so what better way to spend it than in my craft room!  I came upon this website: Paper and Flowers  where a gifted crafter is selling a "rolled roses" svg for $.99.  Well worth the dollar- I tried to make one myself in Inkscape and failed miserably.  I have spent the morning cutting, gluing and glitter spritzing the roses you see here.  My 14 year old is just nuts about decorating stuff- anything- with my paper flowers that I BUY, not make.  She's gone through an entire large tube of them in a month.  So, I felt really good about using my scrap paper to make all these roses this morning!  Now, I'm off to do laundry :(- not so fun!

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Lola said...

Those are awesome!