Friday, June 17, 2011

Just got the coolest toy EVER!!! I really love Xyron stuff....

So, it's my b-day tomorrow and I'm turning the lovely age of 41. blah.  The ONLY good thing about my birthdays is getting a little present!  I was watching that scrapbooking special on HSN the other day and saw the Xyron Design Runner they had going for $30 (plus another $6 in s/h). I had never seen it before and it looked really cool- like it could be much more compact than a collection of thousands of stamps!  Since I'm relatively new to card making and the like, I have only collected a minimal number of stamps thus far and while I like the way they look, they take up too much room in my little craft room.  SOOOOOO.... this cool Xyron Design Runner appears to obliterate that problem! It takes up no space whatsoever - a mini handheld printer!  I started researching online about it and found the most AWESOME dealydooo at Tuesday Morning!  While the Design Runner is cool on it's own- it could get pretty expensive buying the memory cards that house the fonts and sayings and such. The set I found came with the Design Disc Maker so you can type out exactly what you want (able to size the font, too) and then print it on your project!! SWEEEEET!  AND it came with 2 discs (starter and bubble font) AND an accessory kit that allows you to print in circles, straight... etc...   So, separately these items would cost $255!  Tuesday Morning has it for $99.  YAY ME!  I will post a project showing you what it can do soon... but it's so cool I just had to share.  Here's a link to the video about it on youtube.

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Georgiana said...

Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your new toys. I look forward to seeing what you create.