Saturday, March 24, 2012

Create a Critter Spring and Easter Wreath

I've wanted to make an Easter wreath for the house, and because it's turning out to be a dreary rainy Saturday here in VA, today was the day to do it!  I've seen a lot of yarn covered wreaths and like the soft look of them compared to the grapevine wreaths that I've made in the past.  So, I went into the basement, stole a pool noodle and taped the ends together for a perfect size (and cost) wreath!  I'm still amazed at how expensive round foam wreath shapes are at the craft stores! My foam wreath shape cost me $1 from the dollar store!

Now, this was the time consuming part!!!  I had this pale pink boucle yarn from years ago when I was pregnant with our last daughter and had the intention of knitting her something out of it..... never happened. It took a good 45 minutes to cover this wreath with the yarn.  My suggestion- pull the yarm from the center. I stapled a loop at the top of the wreath, then held the wreath in my left hand and threw the entire skein through the wreath HUNDREDS of times as I filled the circle.  Argh. NOT the fun part, that's for sure.

The finished wreath covered in yarn.

All the cute little critters are from the Create a Critter Cartridge. I just hot glued them on the wreath. The bow was ribbon from ... you guessed it... the Dollar Tree!
Simple wreath...I could probably go to town putting more embellishments on it, but it's made my 5 year old happy just the way it is.

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