Sunday, February 17, 2013

Keyboard Shortcut Posters for Computer Lab using Cricut

I'm taking a child guidance class for my teaching re-certification.  We had an assignment to create a classroom management tool.  Obviously, I wanted to create something I could actually use in my lab... so I thought keyboard shortcut posters would be a good tool- as self help posters were allowed to be a tool.
I found that WikimediaCommons was an excellent source for SVG's!!  Finding technology themed SVG's took me hours... until I hit that site and the jackpot :)  These are all open source, copyright free svg's!
I pulled them into Sure Cuts a Lot, manipulated the files as necessary, and cut them on the cricut.  I cut out the words in vinyl- a lot easier to place on the paper.  I laminated all the posters at school.  Now they hang proudly in the lab and add a real pop of color!

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Melody Geroux said...

These are awesome!!!