Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cricut Robot Bulletin Board Display

I had some fun with my first grade class in computer lab last week!  I found a great game online where they create their own robots.  They get to use a lot of the same graphic and image manipulating functions that MS Office has such as rotating, flipping, sizing, bring to front/back, etc..  Here's the link:
They also name their robot and have the option to write/type a sentence about the robot.  THEY LOVED THIS!  Because they were so happy with the results, I decided to display their final work.  I didn't have much space or time to prepare the display like I REALLY would have liked to do, so it's pretty simple.  The robot came from their outer space kit.  I also cut the border on the cricut. If I do this again, I'll be sure to save some wall space to make it really special :)

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