Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Digital Footprint Bulletin Board

October is Internet Safety Month, so I have focused on teaching about Digital Footprints.  Students have watched videos, engaged in an interactive lesson, taken online quizzes, and finally created a visual representation of their own digital footprint- in the future.  Using, students uploaded a footprint image and filled it in using words they want to leave as their POSITIVE digital footprint. I encouraged them to think of their career- both college and professional.  If someone were to do a search on them, what POSITIVE things would that potential employer find??  This was a great creative closing to this lesson.  Obviously, I used the Cricut to do the wording on the bulletin board :)   I don't have much wall space to work with in the lab, so this room divider needed to fit all of middle school's footprints!  A bit crowded, but you get the idea.

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