Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Paper Star Garland and Pennant Banner for Computer Lab Makeover

I'm giving my computer lab a makeover this year!  I'm so happy it's being painted this summer.  It was a pale baby blue and now it's a darker gray/blue so anything I put on the walls will POP!
I'm trying to stick to a color theme, too.  I've chosen navy and lime green.  We have blue rolling computer chairs and gray tables so keeping blue was a necessity.  We are St. Patrick School, so the green is a no brainer! Together they look fantastic and I was happy to find a good stash of those colors in my scrapbooking paper supply.

My first decoration is a star garland that I cut on my Cricut  and SCAL using the star shape already installed in Sure Cuts a Lot, and then quickly sewed together on the sewing machine.  I made one long string of about 60 stars and I will cut it as needed when I get in the lab to decorate.  I cut the stars in different sizes ( anywhere from 2"- 5") and then just fed them into the sewing machine, leaving a bit of thread between each one.

My second project was a pennant banner using the same papers (except white).  I plan to hang it across a bulletin board or in an empty corner of the lab.  Again, I'll have to figure it out when I get in there.  I cut 12 triangles on the Cricut- they are about 8" long.  This is just a partial photo of the pennant. I punched holes with a hole punch and threaded them together with a thin ribbon.  They cutest and easiest way to keep them in place on the ribbon was to tie ribbon strips between each pennant.  I used coordinating ribbons and it turned out ADORABLE!

Of course, I will post an entire gallery of photos of this makeover - both before and after photos- when it's complete :)  Stay tuned!

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