Saturday, August 27, 2016


The start of a new school year demands new bulletin boards, wall decorations, color schemes, and anything else that will help motivate and inspire middle schoolers to learn! I left SOME things up from last year- like the Create and Collaborate poster I made with the heads and gears. I just love how that turned out.  I also left up my shortcuts circles because that's the best place for them.  The APPle tree made the cut, too, because it's soon to be fall and more APPles are ready to grow on that tree :)

First the before photos:

And now for the reveal!!

This view is to the right as you walk in the lab door.

I am teaching 6th,7th, and 8th grade English this year on top of all the technology classes for K-8, so I added a few English bulletin boards/displays, and of course- the cursive banner!

My desk space! The big blue square with the red border is where my epson projects onto the wall.  LOVE my projector- and it's whiteboard capabilities, WITHOUT the whiteboard!

View of the front of the lab from the back of the lab.
One of my favorite changes was the curtains I made for the shelves. We store ALL the printer paper in those shelves and it was quite unsightly.  Not anymore!

My ever popular Tip-Top Typists board- new color scheme from the original one!

Here's one of the English displays I  mentioned. A great find I copied from Pinterest.

And another copy from Pinterest.  This speaks to my heart. Whoever came up with this is genius!

My lab door.

I made all the teachers grades 3-8 these posters so that we all are on the same "page" regarding the students' paper format. Made them in Publisher and saved as a JPEG, uploaded to Walgreens and TADA!
I placed them on the back of the door and they fit there nicely.

I bough a roll of whiteboard adhesive paper for the homework board. I used washi tape to divide it. Other brilliant teachers have done this in our school and I borrowed the idea from them.

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