Monday, January 17, 2011

My Valentine Topiary

My favorite holiday decorations are most certainly Valentine's Day ones!  The pink, red and white during the dreary winter months always cheers me up!  But, I don't have very many in my home.  I've decided to change that this year :)  I love topiaries and decided to make a couple for my mantle. I headed to the local Dollar Tree and found all the supplies I needed!  The little pots are actually Easter "trees" that I pulled the tree part out of, stripped them down to the dowel and then covered the dowel with sparkly red ribbon using my glue gun.  Then, using a styrofoam ball, I hot glued the dowel into the bottom of the ball.  The "roses" are actually SOAP petals!!  I didn't realize that until I brought them home, but they appear to be paper flowers that were dipped in rose scented glycerin (soap wax).  PERFECT!  I hot glued each bud to the ball.  I thought I had enough roses to do two topiaries, but alas, 3 boxes of roses only filled one topiary! :(  I'll have to go tomorrow and get some more!  I finally hot glued a valentine ribbon around the pot and tied a bow.  I am so happy with the way this turned out!  It was a total of $4 in materials for the one topiary- not bad!


Norma Lane said...

Love it Justine!
Have you considered putting them up on Ebay?

Norma Lane said...
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VickyLuv143 said...

I made one in all pale pink & it looks so good in one solid color! I made mine into a kissing ball for my daughters bathroom! Smells good & looks awesome! My daughter loved it! But it took me 4 boxes of roses to cover 1 styrofoam ball & at $1 a box @ Dollar Tree - $4 - I saw similar ones at TJ Maxx $7.99-$12.99 so I guess it's worth it! I'm going to make a white one & leave a spot w out roses & hot glue it to a Crystal candle stick holder - my version of an "upscale" topiary! I placed the pink one I made on the candlestick & it looked awesome soo I'm making my white one now!!

VickyLuv143 said...

I figured out why I used so many boxes - I put mine way closer together so it would have more of a rose bud look then an open rose - I didn't think I had much of a choice because first few the middle fell out so to keep the middles in the roses you kinda have to glue them close together or glue the centers in which I didn't want to do cause then I would be able to adjust them.