Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mongrammed / Personalized Lap Desks!! Wow! What a great find!!

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I went "hunting" at Tuesday Morning after dropping off the kids at school... there was  a 2 hour delay due to snow/ice.. whatever that was.  When I say hunting, I mean HUNTING!  Our Tuesday Morning is just a disaster zone.  I go to find interesting scrapbook stuff to embellish my cards.  The first time I went I hit the jackpot, but honestly, there hasn't been anything wonderful ever since... until TODAY!   What I found wasn't card making supplies, they were LAP DESKS!  They have colorful thick acrlyic tops and the bottoms are velcroed on, with a cover that can be unzippered and washed!  They were only $10 each... so I bought 3 for my 3 girls as Valentine's gifts after I put their names on them with vinyl. (My husband is always yelling at our 14 year old not to leave her laptop on her comforter!  Now, she won't.. I hope.) But, now that I'm thinking about it, I might save the last one to personalize for the 16 year old who is having her sweet 16 soon!  Really, my 4 year old doesn't need a lap desk just yet ;)  OR, maybe I should go back and buy them OUT!!  I used the Ravie font on SCAL to cut out their names on the cricut.  Quick and Easy Peasy!

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